Write your local MLA

Write your local MLA. Members of the legislative assembly are compelled by custom to read and reply to every unique letter they receive. While it may seem archaic, this form of messaging brings the issue to their attention and lets them know voters care about rail on Vancouver Island.

TAG it on Social Media

Social media hashtags ensure that posts and photos get shared on the content streams of others. Use your social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) to post how important rail is and tag it with account ID tags like @jjhorgan (Our premier's Twitter handle), @rob_fleming (Twitter - Ministry of Transport Infrastructure), @bcndp, @BCGreens, @bcliberals (don't forget the opposition parties on Twitter) and please remember the media like @BCNewsWire. Adding our Premier plus the news media may lead to direct questions during interviews!

How to annoy politicians with twitter to get rail on vancouver island

You can also use other hashtags on social media such as #islandrail and #writeyourmla to help people link up and get the message out.

Join the VITCC

The Vancouver Island Trnasportation Corridor Coalition (VITCC) is a non-profit society dedicated to bringing modern and efficient rail to Vancouver Island as the backbone of it's future transportation system. Join up with the VITCC and help them get the messsage out at

Support the ICF

Support the work of the Island Corridor Foundation (ICF) and send them suggestions. Let them and the VITCC know if you can volunteer time or donate money to help bring rail. We are all in this together.

Contribute New Ideas

If there is something you believe should be listed here on this page, please use the contact form to let us know. We need more bright minds helping to bring rail to our Island. The Environmental, Economic and Social returns just make sense. Our Island cannot survive on roads alone.