Aidan Perret is a young photographer and passionate advocate for rail on Vancouver Island. He is a member of both the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Canadian Railroad Historic Association (www.ehcrha.com), and the Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition (VITCC) , a group dedicated to pushing for modern rail service on Vancouver Island using the existing rail corridors.

Aidan continues to document and archive the railways and rail rights of way on the Island through the lens of his camera. He has covered the twilight days of the Englewood railway near Woss, BC as it wound down operations. His work preserved a very important piece of unique history on the Island, British Columbia's (and yes, NORTH AMERICA'S) last operating logging railway. When all other logging railways disappeared, the Englewood operations continued until it shut down in 2017.

Aidan's work remains an important historic record, documenting the railway and equipment decommission.


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